Just a brief summary of the zombies for completeness sake. There were also some oddball zombies encountered or warned about that don’t neatly fall into one of these categories. It is unknown whether they are just aberrant members of one of the below groups or something different entirely.


The standard or at least most common zombie. They appear much as they did in life often with the addition of grievous injuries from before and after death. Decay seems to be much delayed. They are just as strong and fast as in life. At first glance they appear to be mindless rage filled creatures bent on killing as many people as possible. As soon as they see a person they will sprint and attack. They do have some small level of cunning though. For instance they will eventually realize the need to climb over a fence. They are attracted to noise and often arrive in groups. If you’ve seen World War Z that gives you a good idea of how they act. They don’t make noise though since they don’t use their lungs.


Much like the Runners above but possesses some reasoning skills and is a much better fighter. Watchers seem to be intelligent and normally use hand weapons as well as defend themselves in combat instead of all out attacking. They’ve been known to make sounds, usually wailing moans to draw Runners.

Mouth Bleeders

Unusual zombies found in Sand Canyon. Always found with lips removed and blood leaking from their mouths. They have some level of reasoning but not as much as a Watcher. They do co-ordinate attacks and will ambush. They don’t use weapons and their attacks will culminate with the zombie giving mouth-to-mouth. Strangely they are adverse to the sacred – at least in some instances.

Hungry Dead

Not much is known about these except they live in the sewers and they consume the flesh of the dead. They have an almost hyena-like quality about them and communicate with clicks and squeals. Their fingertips are exposed sharp bone. They attack with slashing claws and bites. They seem to prefer the dark.

Akaname – Filth Lickers

These undead are attracted to nasty bathrooms. They are about the size of a child or a small adult, though they generally appears much smaller due to its hunching posture. It has a mop of greasy, slimy hair on top of its head , the body is naked, its skin greasy like its hair. Akaname come in many colors and varieties, ranging from a dark mottled green reminiscent of mold, to the ruddy pink color of bedsores, and can have misshappen hand and foot claws. All akaname have an extremely long, sticky tongue with which they lap up the slime, grease, hair, and other filth found in bathrooms and behind toilets. Most importantly they will toss your salad if you don’t wipe good enough.

Shirime – Ass-Eye

These strange creatures appear to be a normal zombie but when close enough, however, it becomes apparent that it has no facial features. It will bend over, spread its butt cheeks and reveal a giant, shining eye located inside of its butt hole. It is scary but that seems to be all it does.


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