This is a work in progress. I’m attempting to make a comprehensive list of Unisystem Qualities and Drawbacks available to players. Not everything out there will be allowed. Still compiling and vetting this list.

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Acute Senses2pt. Physical Quality (Core, Pg. 36) – Each sense must be purchased separately. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell. This quality adds +3 to perception checks using the particular sense.

Acute Senses (Night-Vision)2-point Physical Quality – (AAF, Pg. 64) – Someone with the acute night-vision Quality can see well in the dark. Acute night vision nullifies poor lighting penalties, reduces bad lighting penalties to −2, and allows the character to roll a normal Strike Task at −4 in total darkness.

Ambidextrous3pt. Physical Quality (DaZ, Pg. 22) – An ambidextrous person gains a third free action at no penalty each turn that they can use to defend themselves with or attack with if using a weapon in each hand.

Animal Companion – 1- to 4-point Social Qualit (PZ, Pg. 41)_ – The character is accompanied on his adventures by an animal of unusual loyalty and intelligence—for an animal of its type, anyway. The basic cost of this Quality is one point. If the animal companion’s intelligence is completely uncanny—that is, approaching human level—the cost of the Quality increases by one. Furthermore, if the animal companion can fight as well or better than an average human, the cost increases by one; if the animal companion can fight as well or better than the average starting Pulp Zombies character, the cost increases by two. For example, an incredibly intelligent, extremely battleworthy animal companion would cost four points.

Artistic Talent3pt. Mental Quality (Core, Pg. 37) – People with the Artistic Talent have remarkably strong souls. Such souls have an extra 12 essence added to their spiritual life force.

AttractivenessVariable Physical Quality or Drawback (Core, Pg. 38) – 1 point in Attractiveness makes one look normally attractive. 5 points makes one look like the god/dess of beauty. And everything else in between. Attractiveness adds +1 to conversation checks for every point.

Bag of Tricks3pt. Physical Quality (OotL, Pg. 16) – This person always seems to have the right tool for the right job. It’s a little unnerving. Whenever the player goes out of the safety of the sanctuary, they are assumed to have a small bag that has all the simple tools someone might need to do simple things. Back at the base, they have access to a contact that can procure anything… for the right price.

Bilingual2pt. Mental Quality (OotL, Pg. 16) – This person was raised in a bilingual household and can choose two native languages at skill 5 for each on creation.

Born for the Sea1pt. Mental Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 39) – The character seems born to be a seaman. It takes him half as long to learn sea faring skills from an instructor and he has a +1 bonus in any seafaring skill.

CharismaVariable Metal Quality or Drawback (Core, Pg. 38) – Charisma allows a person to be more smooth. Gives leadership qualities. Every point in Charisma adds +1 to tasks involving convincing others of something.

ContactsVariable Social Quality (Core, Pg. 39) – Contacts are people that the character knows. Ranging in usefulness and living condition, based on how many points of Contacts are taken. Consult the Zombie Master so details can be worked out.

Cool Under Fire1-point Mental Quality – (AAF, Pg. 64; BoZ, Pg. 27) – Even at the worst of times, these characters remain cool and focused. This Quality is a sort of lesser version of Nerves of Steel, granting a +2 bonus when making Fear Tests. In addition, any time a character with this Quality would gain a Shell Shock Point by failing a Fear Test, he may make a second Difficult Willpower Test to avoid gaining the point. Cool under Fire may not be combined with Nerves of Steel; if a character has both, the latter supersedes the former.

Disconcerting Countenance1pt Social Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 40) – Whether it is the cold, calculating stare of a killer or the stance of the dusty hero as he looks at someone from under his hat, this character seems to inspire fear with his very countenance. Sometimes this countenance can rattle opponents, causeing them to miss at crucial moments or even run away. The character makes a Difficult Willpower Test and counts the success levels. Each level is a -1 to an immediate Fear Test that the subject of the stare must make. Failure means that the target reacts in whatever way the Fear Chart (modified in this game) or ZM feels appropriate. Those with Nerves of Steel are not affected by this Quality.

Double Jointed2pt Physical Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 40) – Not 2x the joints but the ability to rotate or pop joints out of place. This ability can assist the character in wriggling free of bonds or other restraints. The character has a +3 bonus to any attempt to get loose from restraints or to squeeze through narrow areas.

Enduring2-point Physical Quality – (AAF, Pg. 66) – The character can hold his breath for twice the usual time and gains a +2 bonus to any roll resisting the detrimental effects of air pressure, be it at incredible heights or the ocean depths.

Fast As Hell1 point Quality (FoZ, Pg. ) – Those with this quality basically have the Unisystem equivalent of Quick Draw. Could be the tie breaker between two opponents with Fast Reaction Time.

Fast Reaction Time2pt. Mental Quality (Core, Pg. 42) – Fast Reaction Time allows the character to go first at the start of combat (with some limitations).

Force of Law – 1-4pt. Social Quality (PZ, Pg. 41) – Recognized lawful authority. In the current martial law situation it could be civilian or military based.

GamerVariable Physical Quality/Drawback (BoA1, Pg. 46) -

Giant5pt. Physical Quality (ZSD, Pg. 30) – Only available during character creation. The character is abnormally large and strong. He increases the Multiplier to all Strength-based attacks by 1.

Good/Bad Luck1pt./Level Supernatural Quality/Drawback (Core, Pg. 46) – One of the few legal Supernatural Qualities/Drawbacks. Each level allows a +1 Luck bonus. The Gift not required.

Green Thumb1pt. Physical Quality (OotL, Pg. 16) – Adept at growing plant life, any person tasked with growing crops or plants may roll twice to determine how well the plant grows. They may then choose which outcome.

Hallucinations3pt. Mental Quality/Drawback (OotL, Pg. 17) – The character imagines seeing or hearing things that are not really there. In times of stress, the character has a 2-in-10 chance of experiencing a hallucination. These seem real to the character, but he may make a Difficult Willpower Test each Turn to snap back into reality. The ZM should make this roll; it’s quite possible the character does not even know he’s hallucinating.
This can be either a Drawback or a Quality, depending on the nature of the hallucinations. They are often a symptom of a psychiatric disorder, and usually impair the character. If the hallucinations represent the character’s subconscious trying to help the character with advice or leading them to safety then it is a Quality.

Hard to Kill1-5pt. Physical Quality (Core, Pg. 42) – A survivor that is hard to kill has an amazing strength. Each point of Hard To Kill adds +3 to max hit points, and +1 to all survival tests.

Hardy1-point/level Physical Quality (AAF, Pg. 67) – Characters with this Quality are quite hale and durable. Every level of Hardy grants a +1 bonus to Durability Tests. Level 5 is normally the highest possible for human beings. See Chapter 4, “The Environment,” for information on Durability Tests and extreme environmental conditions.

Hotdog1-point/level Physical Quality (AAF, Pg. 67) – Skilled drivers and practiced pilots are a dime a dozen, but only a rare few are naturals when it comes to coaxing exceptional performance from a vehicle. If a character wants to be super skilled with more than one type of vehicle, he must purchase this Quality multiple times, assigning each Hotdog to a particular Type of Driving or Piloting. In game terms, for each level of Hotdog a character possesses for a given Piloting type, once per game session the character can re-roll a failed Task involving that skill, using the higher result of the two rolls. Hotdog costs 1 point per level and has a 5-level limit for any given Piloting Type, though characters may take levels with additional Skill Types.

Internal Compass1pt Mental Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 40) – The character always knows which way is north. Even while underground or in some massive complex the character can make a Simple Intelligence test to determine which way is north, south, east, or west.

Intestinal Fortitude1-5pt. Physical Quality (ZSD, Pg. 31) – Use Rugged instead.

Jack-of-All-Trades3pt. Mental Quality (OotL, Pg. 17) – Knowledgable about a little of everything but a lot of nothing, this character is able to perform any skill they do not know at +1. It does not give them a free point in every skill, just lets them pretend they know what they are doing.

Jury-Rigging3pt. Mental Quality (OotL, Pg. 17) – Some people go past a junkyard and see memories of another time, or nothing but, well, junk. Others see opportunity. Jurry-Riggers are the “Mechanical Opportunists” of the world and can cobble things together like a boss. When attempting to cannibalize and jury-rig something, people with this quality roll it twice and take whichever one they want.

Jack-of-All-Trades3-point Mental Quality – (AAF, Pg. 67) – Characters with this Quality have a little knowledge about almost everything. This could result from being worldly and well traveled, or from having watched a lifetime of Jeopardy and This Old House reruns. The Cast Member can perform any skill check for which he does not have the actual skill, as if he possessed the skill at rank of zero. However, neither the “Rule of Ten” nor any unskilled attempt penalties affect skills used in this way (though they must still get a Decent success on the Outcome Table.) The Character simply doesn’t know enough about the subject to make brilliant leaps of logic to get those amazing results, or enough skill to succeed exceptionally well. However, the “Rule of One” does apply. At such times, the character thinks he knows what he’s talking about or doing, but really doesn’t.

Light Sleeper2pt Physical Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 40) – The type of person who sleeps with one eye open. This character can be awake at the slightest hint of trouble. He is instantly alert, able to perform actions as soon as he bolts upright. Light Sleeper negates any penalty for interrupted sleep. The sleeper rolls Perception + Notice to recognize trouble in his surroundings. This roll is contested if the danger is stealthy or quiet.

Multiple Identities2pt./Identity Social Quality (Core, Pg. 44) -

Nerves of Steel3pt. Mental Quality (Core, Pg. 44) – not take fear checks from anything but the most frightening of experiences, and even in those situations he gains a +4 to resist the fear.

Photographic Memory2pt. Mental Quality (Core, Pg. 44) – Survivors with this amazing skill remember everything and every detail that they see.

Practiced3pt. Quality (ESP3, Pg. 72 modified) – The character is highly practiced at a Skill. They get a +2 bonus to that skill but also gain a 1 pt Obsession associated with that Skill. If the skill is combat related, they will use that skill first even if it is not the most appropriate. They usually try their Obsession-related skill instead of others, such as using Science when Occult should be used and so forth.

Quick Learner2pt. Mental Quality (BoA1 modified, Pg. 47) – Some people just have a knack for noticing how to do things. When the character starts learning a new regular skill he gains one level or specialty free, up to level five. I don’t know what this means.

Rank1-10 Point Quality – Rank can only be taken by characters who have a military or law enforcement background. Police Officers are limited to +5. Each Point in Rank allows him 1 extra creation point to be used anywhere. Rank List: 1-Rookie Cop/Private, 2-Beat Cop/Corporal, 3-Agent, Sergeant, 4-Detective/Senior Agent/First Class Sergeant, 5-Agent in Charge/Lieutenant, 6-Bureau Chief/Captain, 7-Commissioner/Major, 8- Lieutenant Colonel, 9-Colonel, 10-Major General. – Please be responsible with character age.

Resistance1pt./Level Physical Quality (Core, Pg. 45) – Disease, Poison, Fatigue, Pain, Shell Shock, Alcohol, Gullet are choosable Resistances. Disease and Poison Resistances each give a +4 bonus to resisting their respective tasks. Fatigue Resistance lets the survivor recover endurance at two times the normal rate. Pain resistance offsets injury penalties due to pain. Resistance (Shell Shock) – 1-point per level Quality – (AAF, Pg. 69) – Resistance (Shell Shock) works like all other resistance Qualities in that the Cast Member adds levels of the Quality to all rolls to resist the effects of Shell Shock. Resistance(Alcohol) (ATBZ, Pg. 40) grants +1per level to resist the effects of alcohol including penalties and Willpower tests to stay conscious. Cast Iron Gullet (ATBZ, Pg. 42) allows the character to eat all but the most decayed food and can drink tainted water. The character gets a bonus to Constitution Tests for eating unpalatable or tainted food equal to the Resistance level.

Resources – Variable Social Quality/Drawback (Core, Pg. 46) – Not a lot of meaning in this scenario.

Rugged1- to 5-point Physical Quality (1/2 point after character creation) – (AAF, Pg. 69) – Spending 1 point during character creation adds 5 points to the character’s Endurance. This Quality can be added multiple times. If this Quality is taken after character creation, however, the character may only gain 2 Endurance Points per 1 experience point spent.

Sea Legs2pt Physical Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 42) – The character is at home on a ship on a rolling sea. He ignores all but the most extreme minuses to Dexterity from adverse conditions while on a ship. Even at the sea’s worst, he still only takes half the minus that most sea dogs would. Cannot have the Motion Sickness Drawback.

Sharpshooter1-point Physical Quality – (AAF, Pg. 69) – Requirement: One of Guns (Handgun, Rifle, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Mortar or Missile Launcher) 5; Dex 4, Per 4, When using the type of firearm that allowed the character to be qualified for this Quality, a Sharpshooter gains a +4 modifier to the Aiming Task (Armageddon, pg 130) if a full Turn is used, and only if he makes no other attacks or defensive actions that Turn or in the Turn before he fires the weapon. The sharpshooter can not use this modifier if his target catches him by surprise, nor does it work with semi-automatic or automatic fire. Take this Quality separately for each qualified instance of the Guns skill the character wishes to apply its benefits to.

Situational Awareness2pt. Mental Quality (Core, Pg. 46) – Characters with this Quality gain a +2 bonus to perception checks to sense trouble or danger in their immediate surroundings. This also makes them almost impossible to sneak up on, applying their bonus to stealth task resistance rolls.

StatusVariable Social Quality/Drawback (Core, Pg. 46) -

Strong Stomach2pt. Physical Quality (OotL, Pg. 19) – Stomach of Steel? Iron Tummy Casing? This is what these people have. They can devour slightly spoiled food and even slightly poisonous food. These people can eat mildly toxic or “off” foods without taking a penalty.

Survivor (Type)1-point/level Physical Quality (AAF, Pg. 70) – Some people, for any number of reasons, can adjust better than others to adverse temperatures. Every level of Survivor provides 2 points of protection (as though armor) versus the Endurance and Life Point damage brought on by either extreme heat or cold—choose which extreme when taking the Quality. This Quality may be taken more than once, applying it to the same temperature extreme to compound its benefits, or to the opposite extreme. A character cannot have more levels of Survivor for any one extreme than his Constitution level.

Threat Detection3pt. Physical Quality (OotL, Pg. 19) – Sometimes you just know when that zombie is about to jump your bones. Sometimes you just get that feeling that a sniper rifle is pointed at your head. On a successful perception test, a person with this quality gets a feeling in their gut or breast or brain that danger is lurking nearby.

Tireless2 pt Physical Quality (BoA2, Pg. 46) – The Tireless do not succumb to sleep deprivation or endurance loss as much as others. -This quality reduces the EPS loss due to sleep deprivation and hard work by half.

True Grit3 pt. Physical Quality (FoZ, Pg. ) – The character can fight on after dropping below 1 LP with a Simple Willpower test. One the character’s goal is achieved or Will test failed all wounds have their normal effect.

Uncanny Balance2pt Physical Quality (ATBZ, Pg. 42) – The character has a very good center of balance, allowing him to balance well on precarious surfaces. This Quality grants a +2 bonus to all rolls where balance might come into play.

Source Key
AAF = Armageddon: Armed Force
AC = Abomination Codex
ATZ = All Tomorrow’s Zombies
ATBZ = Arrgh! There Be Zombies
BoA(1,2) = The Book of Archetypes 1 & 2
BoH = Book of Hod
BoZ = Band of Zombies (not included yet)
Core = All Flesh Must Be Eaten Corebook
CX = Conspiracy X
ESP1 = Eden Studio Presents 1
ESP2 = Eden Studio Presents 2
ESP3 = Eden Studio Presents 3
FoZ = Fistful O’ Zombies
DaZ = Dungeons and Zombies
MC = Mystery Codex
OotL = One of the Living
PZ = Pulp Zombies
W = Witchcraft
ZSD = Zombie Smackdown


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