Dec 21, 2012

The rest of the day was spent preparing the property for the upcoming zombie fight. While Milhouse went on a mushroom hunt on the Pacific Crest Trail with his cats and Sue, the others were (mostly) hard at work. Eddy the master craftsman enclosed the patio with spare boards. He had help from Joanne until she smashed her own hand with the hammer which happened right away so Marcel took over. Then he built a sturdy door to close off the patio. Dr. Graves perused the Book intermittently while keeping an eye on the deck. Trevor chatted up the ladies. The rest of the day and night passed uneventfully.

The next day continued the theme only this time Dr. Graves noticed animals moving through the area always traveling east to west. That afternoon humanoid shapes began shambling through the woods and down the street. Occasionally the hunched over zombies reminiscent of dogs were spotted sniffing around. Graves, Marcel, and Joanne approached a group of three from behind the Rosicrucian’s illusion and attacked. The tracker zombies howled in alarm only briefly. After Joanne and Marcel each destroyed one, the remaining wounded creature fled Dr Graves only to be exploded by a terrific blow from Marcel’s staff. They quickly retreated with the bodies back into the magically protected zone. Joanne tried to disguise the scene by swishing a branch over the ground behind them.

Creatures were crashing through the woods around them.

It was not long after when three figures were spotted at the end of the drive. One was a tracker zombie crawling around sniffing the ground. Behind it was a large man in a filthy tattered straight jacket. And next to him was an obvious corpse impaled by numerous branches. The Watcher’s Vessel had arrived.

3 Tracker Zombies Killed



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