Dec 21, 2012

The Return to Where it All Began

Sept 8, Z-Day + 259


The group returns to where it all began for them after 3 months away. Their last night in town they snuck away as the Archangel Michael’s Army of God took over the area.

They drove in from the east taking a convoluted route due to the fault line severing the main highway. There was a group monitoring the wind farm and mesmerized zombies from the west but they didn’t pursue. The English bus stayed on the southern end of the valley where it was the least built up. The area seemed calm and free of zombies.

They didn’t spot people again until the Banducci road checkpoint where there were some well concealed firing positions and someone on the hill above watching them. They halted when the stop sign was raised and someone approached. He asked a bunch of questions and walked through the bus taking notes. He told them that things were pretty good here. Michael’s leading of the zombies through the valley was the beginning of the end for his army. Not long after, there had been a coup and Michael fled north to Lake Isabel with the Angel Trudy and his most devoted followers. Mayor Weideman was still in charge although technically California was still under martial law. The US civilian government had moved to Denver. He told them to check in at the prison soon and let them through.

They reunited with Bill and Sarah at the ostrich farm and caught up with the couple. Sammy Whiskers the rat catcher was still there also. The place was in good shape and had a lot of people employed although the herd had been somewhat depleted by Michael’s people when they left. And they discovered something incredible. Bill and Sarah knew where Felicity was located! It is a town of 2 people built by an eccentric Frenchman down near the California/Mexico/Arizona border. What luck!



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