Dec 21, 2012

The group spent a few days decompressing at the ostrich ranch. Joanne and Trevor volunteered at the prison hospital. Milhouse spoke with animals. Marcel helped with the ostrich ranching. Dr Graves made himself scarce and studied. Sammy continued fighting the rodent problem.

They met with Mayor Weidemam who recognized Marcel. They updated him with some of the things that they have done and seen but he didn’t seem to believe their story. He did agree to have any arriving Rosicrucians directed to the ranch.

On their way out, a dirty, disheveled man in a robe waved a sheaf of papers in their faces. He told them to repent. He told them to pray and the One True God will answer. About then Trevor and Marcel realized that the crazy man was actually the Reverend Jeremiah Thompson, the former right hand man of Archangel Michael. Clearly he had fallen on hard times. Marcel laughed at him. Then the Reverend gasped. He pointed at Milhouse and said, “You’re the worst!” Poor Milhouse was shocked and maybe a little hurt. His gaze moved to Marcel next. “Second worst!” They started insulting him and he responded by telling them he was Saved. He said that he had been a con man working for a crazy man. Now he knew God. “You need to repent!” Joanne pulled off her mask and intimidated the man. He squealed and thrust a fistful of papers at her then ran off.

Back at the ranch, Dr Graves thought that some of the ravings showed that the guy knew something of the occult. Looking at the papers Marcel and Trevor remembered something Milhouse had said back at Lake Tahoe after the fight. They showed him and he pointed to one of the symbols. He said that the Stabby Poo man with the knife had that symbol carved in his body. Then he started sniffling because he remembered that Hasty and Growler died in that fight.

That night Voorman contacted Graves with a Sending. He told his pupil that he finished at Lake Tahoe and did not see an organized threat. They had done what they could to redirect Rosicrucians south and he was on his was to Tehachapi.


3XP for Dr Graves

The Reverend

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