Dec 21, 2012

Lord Xanthos

Sept 12, Z-Day + 283

An old friend, Lord Xanthos, arrives at the ranch in the morning. His entrance is shockingly humiliating as he is dragged by the stirrup alongside Tragina his horse. He meets Marcel and a few ranch hands at the gate and introduces them to his knights Sir Broncanus and Sir Lazoid.

They spend the day sharing information among themselves over some ostrich eggs prepared by Sarah. Lord Xanthos put his own twist on it but here is the gist of the story.

For awhile he was in with the “Archangel” Michael. Michael called him The Templar because of his esoteric knowledge and that he rode around with a sword on a horse. What Xanthos gathered was that Michael was a survivalist with a gun store before Z day. The Reverend Jeremiah Thompson met him and convinced him that God had a plan for him. They had plans to start a church. Then Z day happened and Michael got progressively more delusional. He thought that he was actually the Archangel Michael sent to earth to lead God’s army.

To make a long story short a large mythology built up around Michael and the Reverend. Things fell apart rapidly after his army led zombies into the survivors to purge the wicked unbelievers. There was a coup and Michael and his hardcore followers fled north to the little resort town of Lake Isabelle. At some point, Michael and the Rev had an awakening. The Christian God was actually the great deceiver and had hoodwinked the world for two millennia. God was actually the devil but Michael figured it out.

The true God revealed himself to them. It goes by many names. Gozer is one name and if you pray to him, he will answer. At least that is what they say. Basically what is left of Michael’s army has become a cult. You try to stay far away now. Michael is too unstable.

He also knew that the Rev became an itinerant preacher trying to gain converts around the valley. You saw him yesterday headed north, pedaling furiously on a bike.

And Xanthos was pretty sure that some of Michael’s child soldiers have been planted around the area to keep an eye on things.

Then they make a trip back to the prison to talk with some former lieutenants in Michael’s Army. That filled out the story a little bit. It is thought that Michael has about 30 hardcore followers left with maybe half of them being kids.

Xanthos made plans to join them on their quest to the Center of the World.



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