Dec 21, 2012

Highway to Happiness

Sept 12, Z-Day + 283

After loading up and some mods with a bathtub, the adventure bus leaves Tehachapi and travels southeast via back roads toward Felicity. Along the way, Graves gets some amazing rifle practice. First he drops two thugs robbing an old lady of a bad in front of a small roadside convenience store, then again when two vehicles pull out behind them and start to pursue. It was a thing of beauty.

The trip through the apocalyptic landscape proceeded without too many issues. They busted through a small crowd of undead walkers and even managed to acquire some diesel out of an old tractor. Then they avoided a potential ambush just north of Lost Lake Resort. They took an alternate route and crossed the Colorado River where the bus was thronged by Spanish speakers attempting to trade them water for things like bullets and fuel. Lies, stories, and glares got them through that and the bus proceeded south on the other side of the river.

4 Thugs Killed
0 PCs Killed



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