Dec 21, 2012

Eddy's Moment of Courage

Sept 7, Z-Day + 258

Mid afternoon. Saturday.

After spying the Vessel in a stained straight jacket, a tree branch impaled zombie, and a tracker zombie standing at the property’s edge on the road, Dr Graves quietly ran back to the rear of the garage where Joanne was exiting with a load of stuff to transfer to the house. He alerted her and ran back to take another look at the zombies. Two had left the road and were approaching through the strip of woods. The tracker zombie appeared to be watching down the road to the east. The first two noticed Graves peeking around the building’s edge and started running. The Vessel left the woods and ran up the drive wielding an ax. He appeared to be alive and shouted “Give iiit tooo meeeee!”. The other continued running through the woods parallel to the drive. On the street the remaining undead thing began howling.

Dr Graves leveled his shotgun and sent two blasts of shot into the charging maniac. He didn’t flinch. Joanne arrived with blades drawn and behind her, Eddy ran between the buildings. Alerted by the commotion Trevor began firing from the house’s upstairs bedroom window. Trevor killed the thing on the road with three shots.

The axe man in the bloody straight jacket skidded to a halt in front of Dr Graves and swung his weapon in an overhead strike. Graves sidestepped and gravel arced from where the axe hit the drive. The doctor was using the corner of the garage for partial cover. He shot twice more but this time his opponent ducked one of the arm length blasts. The other took took off part of the Vessel’s face and neck. The man growled in pain. Trevor was joined by the Rosicrucian troubleshooter and they continued firing. Both the Vessel and the “branch” zombie were hit to little apparent effect.

In an uncharacteristic moment of courage, Eddy ran to the corner of the garage. He stepped through the open space between Joanne and the doctor and into position in front of the well muscled axe-wielding maniac. The maniac blocked the wrench swing from the little asian man. Milhouse and his two young mountain lions took up a position at the end of the house’s deck stairs. He threw a knife and added a cut to the Vessel’s body. By now the Vessel was bleeding profusely. The “branch” zombie exited the strip of woods along the road and charged toward the fight. Multiple shots rang out from the upstairs window. Most hit, but Trevor was deafened by his companion’s muzzle blast so close to his ear.

For his part the asylum escapee, now Watcher’s Vessel, remained resolute and pushed the attack but now his target was blocked by the garage on one side and Eddy on the other. He swung the axe in a powerful horizontal trajectory and caught Eddy. The axe cut and crunched through ribs, lungs, heart and sternum. Eddy was dead before his body hit the ground. The deadly swing continued toward Graves but he stepped back and it took a chunk out of the trim on the garage. Eddy’s moms were screaming from were they were watching at the window. Now the other zombie joined the fight. It’s body was impaled with tree branches and and it used them as weapons. A bad jab resulted in the breaking off the sharp tip of one on Joanne’s armor.

Graves fired his fifth and last shell into the murderous maniac. The tightly compacted wad of pellets transformed into a smoking hole in the chest of the Vessel. Even the plastic wadding was buried in the body. The hulking man collapsed. Graves took a few steps back, behind Joanne and prepared to reload his beloved Winchester.

How Marcel joined the fray as a handful of other dead reached the house. Joanne, Milhouse, the mountain lions, and now Marcel finished off the “branch” zombie with little additional effort while Grave reloaded.

Two runners and three near skeletal corpses reached the open area around the garage and house. Graves blasted the skeleton coming up between the buildings toward them from the back, and the other Rosicrucian warned that his shotgun slugs did almost nothing to the skeleton. He then put a pair of shotgun slugs through the nearest zombie and dropped it. The last three were killed as they arrived. Joanne correctly deduced that this was just a probing attack.

Poor Eddy was found to be dead and his body was deposited on the deck of the house after retrieving some items. The owners were horrified at the death of their son. Graves finished reloading and Milhouse picked up his throwing knife. Marcel squatted near the bodies and concentrated. The sounds of creatures crashing through the woods and running feet slapping the pavement could be heard from every direction.

Marcel looked at the Vessel with his Gift. He saw the spirit of the dead man and something else. Something evil. He drew upon his nascent necromantic powers but failed to harness them at first. Then he ordered the spirit of the man to leave and it did. Lastly, the cajun saw Eddy’s spirit floating away.

1 Tracker Zombie Killed
3 Skeletons Killed
2 Runners Killed
1 “Branch” Zombie Killed
1 Watcher’s Vessel Killed
1 PC Killed


I can’t quite remember what exactly Marcel did at the end with his Necromancy. Did I get it right? I know he failed and then succeeded. It was the spirit of the asylum escapee that he ordered away, correct?

Eddy's Moment of Courage

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Eddy's Moment of Courage

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