Dec 21, 2012

The fighting continued at a high rate of ammo expenditure. Everyone with a gun was shooting as fast as they could in between reloading. Corpses were beginning to pile up almost as fast as spent shell casings. Given that the deck was raised and the ground sloped away the Army of the Dead couldn’t simply crash through the reinforced deck using their combined weight. Some did try to climb but were stopped by the motor oil applied to the edge of the roof. The defenses were sound and holding. The kills were racking up for the defenders.

Two additional fronts opened up. First a Hungry Dead scaled the sauna’s privacy fence near the bedroom window. Milhouse saw him hop over and moved to the small gate. Instead of coming through the gate though the captain entered the house through the bedroom door. It broke out the window from the inside and with help from the outside popped the boards. Sue heard the noise and warned the others. Also as more dead began crawling up the outside of the boarded up patio, it became a little easier for them to get on the roof despite the slippery oil.

Milhouse never got a shot on the hungry dead but did see a living human among the attackers. He was pale and skinny and had symbols carved all over his body. He carried a bloody chef’s knife and pointed it at Milhouse. “Stabby Poo” he hissed. Milhouse shot him in response and the man ducked away injured.

The Hungry Dead Captain moved to the bedroom door and flung it open. Sue was standing there at the top of the stairs. He ripped her apart. Other dead began entering the room. Milhouse shot the lunatic with the knife before he could come inside. Then Milhouse and his two young mountain lions raced into the bedroom to confront the hungry captain. Growler got a chest full of claw and died. His whimper was drowned out by Milhouse’s scream of anguish.

That was the last act by the lone hungry dead however. It was the next to die between Milhouse and Voorman. Voorman ran to the window and began warding it.

Then the dead on the roof made there way to the second story window and crashed through it falling down to the first floor. Though damaged the fall didn’t kill any of them. Defenders needed to reposition to take care of the new threat inside the house. Milhouse and his remaining mountain lion took the lead.

The fight continued with the defenders holding their positions.

Suddenly the attack began to wane and the clouds raced across the sky. It began getting dark and Voorman yelped. It was as if time was passing lightning fast. The vampire rushed back downstairs. The others cleaned up but most of the remaining army of dead took shelter out of sight.

The defenders had won the first skirmish.

0 Runner Turned
46 Runners Killed
0 Skeletons Turned
64 Skeletons Killed
2 Watchers Killed
1 Human Lackey Killed
1 New Vessel Killed
0 Trackers Killed
1 NPC Ally Killed
1 Animal Companion Killed
0 PCs Killed



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