Dec 21, 2012

After taking out the Vessel, the heroes regrouped. Everyone retreated to the fortified house as more undead – zombies and near-skeletons – arrived just outside the perimeter. The newcomers continued growing in number in a ring circling the property. They stayed well back from the tree line but it was obvious what was happening. Occasionally, they called to each other in rasping, barking calls.

The minutes turned to hours. After a couple of hours of waiting the assembled undead slowly began inching closer. They didn’t seem focused on the buildings but it was clear an attack was imminent. The defenders began shooting. Moments later, the dead snapped to attention and began charging the buildings.

The first ranks hit the numerous fishing line trip wires. The effect was inconsistent. In places the tripwires barely slowed down the advance and in others the dead fell and were buried by subsequent ranks also tripping. The defenders unleashed a fusillade concentrating on the zombies as the skeletal dead did not seem to take much damage from bullets. Soon the tripwires were a memory as the crowd surged toward the two buildings.

The defenders fired quickly but weren’t doing nearly the damage they needed to be doing while the dead charged. When the attackers reached the structures they halted. The Rosicrucian magicks held them back and allowed more to be shot down before a few forced their way through the warding. They were easy targets but there were so many. Fortunately half the group was attacking the garage + apartment and not the house. That effectively divided their numbers in half. That group seemed to have an eager watcher in it. It was a small, wirey creature reminiscent of Gollum. Joanne turned her attention to it while the thing attacked the rear door to the garage. She took it out while others began racking up tallies of zombies. Dr Graves discarded his AR 15 and switched to the shotgun and started dusting the much more dangerous skeletal attackers.

Shortly the good times expired. The warding failed on the garage first. The dead began attacking the empty building especially around the garage doors and the back door. Since there was nobody defending it, this was obviously directed behavior. Then the warding collapsed on the main house. Dead were still being shot down but now many were under the decking. Inside Sue finally woke Voorman by pulling on the string attached to his arm down in the basement. They had left the Morturom Demonto with him. The basement/storage/crawlspace had been his daytime refuge. Currently the outside door was being attacked but it was easily the sturdiest door in the house. Marcel had stopped shooting and called upon his budding Necromantic powers. He began ordering skeletons away. Though successful, it was one at a time. Upstairs, Max, the Rosicrucian stage magican, after much Channeling created an illusory duplicate of Graves in the woods. They hoped it would draw some of the dead away from the assault. And some of the latecomers did in fact notice it.

The fortifications were holding. The extra work they had done to enclose the porch and build a door to the deck had paid off. The monsters were struggling to enter and were easy targets.

1 Runner Turned
48 Runners Killed
3 Skeletons Turned
4 Skeletons Killed
1 Watchers Killed
2 Trackers Killed
0 PCs Killed



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