Dr. Alex Graves

Archeologist, survivor, sometimes sadist


Dr Alex Graves (Archeologist) Background

After grad school the Egyptian dig that Alex was going to be on was delayed indefinitely, and he wasn’t able to get on any other sanctioned archaeological projects. He decided to go to Egypt anyway but as a tourist. He traveled the desolate landscape in areas of historical importance. He was collecting oral traditions and exploring sites with local legends in the hopes of finding some overlooked ruins or artifacts. Unfortunately he was attacked by bandits and left for dead with nothing but his clothes and some serious wounds.

He was rescued by Dietmar Gebbert an elderly German archaeologist that had been living in the desert since the ‘30s. He took Alex back to his cave and helped bring him back to health over a period of weeks. He was friendly and probably saved his life, but also more than a little crazy. He talked of monsters out to get him and was never without numerous handcrafted charms to ward off evil. Alex was in and out of consciousness a lot so his memories are a little fuzzy. The doktor did a lot of talking and Alex understood that he was on one of several German archaeological teams sent to the middle east to look for various artifacts and evidence of proto-Germanic influence. His team suffered some sort of curse and/or catastrophe and everyone else died. He claimed to survive due to his knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic. He’s been living as a hermit ever since. He’s protected from the supernatural in this ancient place of power but he was also trapped there. If it wasn’t for locals leaving offerings to the “religious mystic” of the “old ways”, he probably would have died too. Alex learned about the occult and ritual magic and “essence” although he didn’t believe it himself. It wasn’t until Dr. Graves recent head injury that some more memories from that time surfaced. The doctor has dreamt of the creepy things in the shadows that he half saw but later attributed to hallucinations. Is it possible Dietmar wasn’t crazy?

Dr. Alex Graves

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