Dec 21, 2012

The Second Helicopter

Still Sept 5, Z-Day + 256

The first helicopter had to deal with a hanger-on. As the chopper flew away the door opened to a lean zombie that must have grabbed on as they took off. Joanne drew her pistol and fired but the zombie swung out of the way holding the open door. Marcel power jabbed it in the chest with his staff and did not miss. The Essence laden staff did the job. The zombie’s sternum shattered and it fell backward into the dark void of night. Problem solved. Finally everyone got to settle in and decompress for the trip to Lake Tahoe.

Back on the parking garage a few stragglers attacked the remaining survivors. The runners were quickly put down. There was enough time for first aid before the next group of zombies began to arrive.

The next assault came as the second chopper could be heard in the distance. A few zombies crawled up the very steep slope behind the parking garage while the main bulk of the dead assembled inside the ajoining parking structure. As before a group of runners was being led by several scary looking watchers and even a very big hungry dead gnawing on an arm. Below a blue sedan filled with pale undead drove quickly into the garage entrance.

Trevor in the pickup leaned over and started the festivities by shooting each of the climbing zombies in the head with his newly scoped rifle. The first one’s head was ruined and it fell backward down the steep slope. The other had a chunk removed from its brow but it didn’t go down. Milhouse threw two daggers and missed the agile watchers. Voorman readied his claws for the imminent rush. He told Milhouse not to panic, that he was going to disguise himself. Suddenly Voorman looked like a fresh corpse and most of the zombies seemed to lose interest. Milhouse’s eyes widened and he motioned to Trevor – pointing at Voorman and making finger fangs and holding a pretend cape.

The dead charged, led by one of the creepy doglike zombie men. It leaped at Milhouse and sailed past the acrobatic circus performer. Next, two of the watchers ran up and Voorman gutted one but it did not go down. They all seemed focused on Milhouse but the leader noticed Voorman’s attack and shrieked. He pointed out Voorman and the Rosicrucian was no longer ignored by the other dead. While one of the mountain lions clawed the gutted watcher, the other lion, Milhouse, and Voorman concentrated on the deformed watcher wielding a rusty lawnmower blade. Their efforts were rewarded and the creature collapsed. Trevor switched targets and took a shot at what appeared to be the head zombie in charge, the arm-chomping hungry dead. The vile creature ducked though and the shot missed.

Another climbing zombie joined the injured one and got onto the street. They’d be on the access bridge to the top level of the parking garage soon. At the ramp the others continued their fight. Everyone was dodging, parrying, and trading blows. Another watcher went down. The regular zombies shambled up and filled in the gaps around the leader.

Trevor changed targets to the two zombies coming up behind. He killed them both. Milhouse scored a slight cut on the leader. The hungry leader dropped his arm snack and ran up swinging at Milhouse who parried. Just barely. Then the regular zombies moved up to attack. Hasty received a pummeling and a bite. The mountain lion to Voorman’s left got confused though and savagely bit the Rosicrucian. He gave a short scream, and his claws were avoided by the leader. The hungry dead attacked Milhouse and tore into the man’s steel breastplate. Each of the finger bone claws pierced the armor but that was all. They rested on Milhouse’s sweaty chest. The second claw attack didn’t pierce but a runner attacked and just happened to strike the same spot with the holes. Milhouse received a bruise and his armor became a little more damaged. A common runner bite off Hasty’s ear.

Deeper in the connected parking garage they heard squealing tires.

Trevor fired into the melee attempting a headshot on the vicious leader, but accidentally shot Voorman. The beleaguered ally grunted in surprise and pain again. Trevor and Milhouse looked to see whether there was flowing blood from his wounds but couldn’t see. The melee was mostly a stalemate but more runners went down.

Trevor fired again this time scoring a solid hit on his target. Voorman reflexively flinched at the close shot and yelled that “We have this one.” Then the allies brought down the dead leader and only a few runners remained. The car sounded closer though. The remaining zombies were no match.

After the immediate danger was over everyone ran away from the connecting ramp. The car was approaching and nobody wanted to be in the way. There was a wall of bodies blocking the path at least. Trevor was preparing to shoot out a tire as soon as the car became visible.

The crazed teen succeeded at the task and the driver lost control sending the car into the cement wall. But it was out of sight from Trevor and not disabled. Some seconds later the damaged vehicle was back in view accelerating rapidly. Milhouse put a shot through the driver side of the windshield to no apparent affect. The car struck the body pile with a sickening noise sending bodies flying or bursting under the wheels. Again the driver lost control and crashed into one of the light poles. The driver and passenger came through the windshield and were half inside and out. Two additional zombies came out from the rear seat.

Trevor and Milhouse began laying down fire into the various zombies. The two mountain lions tore apart another. Voorman was exhorted to grab the subgun out of the injured driver’s hand. He ran up and grabbed it. After a short struggle he pulled it away. The undead driver who was dressed as a riot cop slithered back into the front seat, drew his side arm and fired point blank at Voorman who dodged.

Trevor fired at the armed and armored driver to little effect. Voorman tried to lop off the shooter’s hand but failed. The driver shot at Voorman who barely escaped again and then sent two rounds at Trevor. They both punctured the car door. The first only scraped Trevor and the second was stopped by his ballistic vest. . That was the last act of the driver before Trevor finished him with the AR15 using the last rounds in his gun.

The helo landed while they were stripping the riot armor and other gear from the driver. They worked quickly and climbed into their ride. Relief washed over them as the chopper took off into the night sky.

Inside they buckled in and attempted first aid. Unknown to Milhouse, he accidentally infected Hasty’s (Tasty’s) ear. They asked Voorman how he was. Christopher replied that on closer inspection his injuries were not nearly as bad as they first looked. Milhouse and Trevor passed knowing glances as each other sure that this was more proof of the Rosicrucian’s alleged vampirism. Milhouse asked him about being a vampire, and with some stroke of luck, tricked the 100+ year old magician. Voorman asked how they figured it out because the doctor wouldn’t have revealed his secret. Milhouse and Trevor were half shocked that their unsupported vampire beliefs were actually true.

Voorman briefly summarized his death while defeating the Cult of Morsater and that he stepped back from Death’s Threshold and returned to the world as a vampire. Then they stared at him and it was a little awkward. Trevor scooted to the opposite side of his seat.

15 Runners Killed
7 Watchers Killed
2 large Hungry Dead
1 man-dog zombie



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