Dec 21, 2012

The gang decides not to wait in the casino but the top floor of the parking garage instead. They find an old leaf blower for Milhouse to remove the ash from the makeshift helicopter landing pad but the noise (or maybe the Book) attracts the dead. Slowly the undead come out of the darkness, but not too close. They are waiting for something.

The group decides it is too dangerous to stay there and jumps into the Silverado but that seems to trigger the zombies. They rush the group and begin jumping on the vehicle. There is a short violent fight but the zombies can’t keep up with the accelerating truck. Voorman surprised everyone by growing long claws and lengthening his arms to reach through the back window and shred an agile zombie attacking Milhouse. After that show, Trevor kept driving around to pass the time waiting for the helicopters.

2 Dog Zombies Killed
2 Runners Killed
7 Watchers Killed



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