Dec 21, 2012

Later in the night Voorman seduces a curious Dr Graves.

The next day the ladies field a lot of questions from the group. In short they are waiting for the Alejandro Suarez to arrive with his bandmates. He is the guitarist and lead singer of the Mexican Heavy Metal band Fecalizer. He is also into the occult, a magician, hyperlingual, Sumerian expert, and the son of a powerful Rosicrucian. Ultimately the plan is to use the Morturom Demonto to find a way to end the zombie apocalypse.

Unfortunately the band is lost in the chaos south of the border. It isn’t clear when they will arrive. On Z Day 1 during the natural disasters, poisonous gases were released into the ancient caldera that Mexico City inhabits. Everyone died. On day one 10 million zombies poured out into the countryside led by Aztec priests intent on creating a second Aztec empire. Given that the federal government and military command was in Mexico City they were now part of the zombie army. The country was in complete disarray and collapse. Hordes of civilians and military units fled in all directions including into the US. It is totally chaotic and extremely dangerous to move through the area.

Dr Graves spent the day researching the Morturom Demonto and made an incredible discovery. The magical book can be used to banish the Watcher by speaking a particular phrase. The problem is that the Watcher has to be present and the Watcher has a chance to resist the effect. But there is a bonus to the banishment if someone can close the Book on a piece of the Watcher.



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