Dec 21, 2012

When the first helicopter was just a few minutes away Trevor raced back to the top floor of the parking garage. They knew there would be another fight because there were still zombies chasing the truck.

On the top floor they had a couple minutes to prepare. Those four getting on the chopper took out flashlights and began signalling. Milhouse and his two mountain lions took a position guarding the connecting bridge to the other parking structure. Trevor pulled the Silverado into a blocking position on the short bridge from the top level to the hillside road. Then Graves helped him to the bed of the truck where he would be able to use his rifle unobstructed. Then Graves, shotgun in hand, posted by the front bumper and waited.

The zombies mounted another attack as the first helicopter arrived. They came out of the darkness via the road and the other parking garage. The first in view was taken out by two of Milhouse’s thrown knives. Then Trevor and Graves began shooting. It was not enough. Soon Milhouse and his cats were fighting desperately. Graves was almost keeping up with the zombie influx but Trevor was snatched up out of the truck bed by a huge watcher. Instead of being slammed on the ground though the kid was able to twist in midair and land rather gently. He still fell prone with a squeak of pain though as his crippled leg folded. The helicopter downdraft sent ash everywhere and visibility was severely reduced.

The soon-to-be passengers had to step up and lend a hand. Chief scored a great hit with his .308 AR on Trevor’s huge zombie but then his gun jammed. Voorman moved over and decapitated the dog-like zombie that had tried to tackle Dr Graves. Joanne and Marcel ran over and supported Milhouse. The watcher fighting Milhouse accidentally decapitated the dog zombie in front of him with a shovel and back with Trevor, another watcher struggling over the boy’s gun accidentally discharged in into his own belly.

Now the tide had turned. But Dr Graves had to reload. Seeing the problem, Voorman thrust the Book into his hands and told him to run for the chopper, and that he’d rescue Trevor. The kid was still fighting from his back. Chief finished off the huge zombie and ran for the helicopter with Marcel and Joanne close behind. Milhouse and his cats continued fighting.

The engine noise from the copter increased as it lifted off. The fight continued but it was diminishing. Voorman pulled the heart out of the next zombie while Trevor crawled to retrieve his rifle. Milhouse and the cats were down to just fighting one.

The helicopter rose into the inky sky as Voorman threw Trevor into the back of the Silverado and went to check on Milhouse.

2 Dog Zombies Killed
10 Runners Killed
9 Watchers Killed



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