Dec 21, 2012

Dr. Graves finally connects the dots

March 27, Z-Day + 94

Xanthos decided now was the time to assume command. He convinced everyone to move into the main house since it would be easier to defend. Next he drove Joe Quimby around the local area to garner support for a neighborhood defense network. The ex-mayor rallied the locals in the name of common defense against both the dead and the living. Everyone was very supportive and he got 16 households on board. Quimby also found out that nobody else was seeing any “mud zombies”. Back at Indian Point, Xanthos organized work details to fortify the doors and windows on the both floors of the main house. Phase 2 would be fencing in the patio with chain link but there wasn’t time for that today. Instead noise making tripwires were placed on the front steps and across the patio deck. He indicated where Phase 3 would have the banks of sharpened stakes installed. Lastly they pulled one of the generators into the sitting room and vented the exhaust out the chimney. They ran some extension cords around to some of the rooms and installed some extra lights outside on the patio. Starting the genny would turn them all on at once.

During work detail Dr. Graves began to think there just might be a connection between the inmates that had been killed and buried and this mysterious mud covered zombie. Of course he was the only person left from that night to make that connection. And he was the only person to know the missing Pavel was involved too. To the others the attacks over the last two nights had no obvious common thread and only the volunteer prison guards had seen the mud covered man in the street before that. He worked out the timeline.
  1. Night of March 23 – Prisoner slaughter at the trench at the hands of guards Ronnie, Dr. Graves and Butters. Pavel drives.
  2. Night of March 24 – Mud covered man standing in road after shift at prison, Cry$tal narrowly avoids running him down in the fog. They stop the car but don’t find any sign of him. Two days later Marcel and Joanne find out that a prison guard named Pavel goes missing this night. The name Pavel doesn’t mean anything to them.
  3. Night of March 25 – Ronnie and Cry$tal were killed on patrol. Ronnie had a bruised and broken neck and mud was found in Ronnie’s mouth. Cry$tal appeared to have been hacked to death – possibly by Ronnie’s ax.
  4. Night of March 26 – Butters was killed in the house by a strong mud covered zombie that also killed the dog outside before forcing the back door and coming upstairs.
  5. Night of March 27 – Tonight. And Dr. Graves is the only offender left if someone has come back from the grave for revenge.
    The doctor decided against disclosing his key piece of the puzzle regarding the recent nightly attacks and nobody noticed him starting to sweat. He did tell Xanthos that he, Ronnie, and Butters had buried some dead inmates a few night before. Maybe there were some zombies out there that hate prison guards.

Since they spent all of last night awake waiting for another attack and were going to do it again tonight they blocked out 4 hours to sleep in the afternoon. They slept soundly with bellies full of ostrich egg burritos. When they woke they all got into position throughout the house with their weapons ready. Lord Xanthos claimed Ronnie’s large Department of Corrections riot shield and Dr. Graves boldly dressed in his CCI prison guard uniform.

It was late when Ladybird, the owner’s dog, came over and stared at the front double door. Graves put his ear against the wood and could hear the doorknob being turned. He looked out the tiny little door windows and saw a silhouetted figure in the near full moonlight. A fist slammed the window muntin to little effect and the doctor responded with a shotgun blast at the thing’s head but barely grazed it. Quimby started up the generator and lights flickered to life. People began running to the front of the house.

The mud covered zombie crashed into the double doors splintering the wood around the internal lock but the door’s extra reinforcement held. Graves lined up for another shot which the zombie failed to dodge. That shot also barely did any damage and now the zombie was out of his field of view. Fortunately Joanne and Quimby had moved up to the sitting room window and began firing between the boards. They both scored hits (though Quimby was stunned by the noise) as Marcel entered the room. The zombie sort of rolled over the patio railing onto the lawn. Someone shouted, “Don’t let it get away!” And, “We’ll hunt it down in the car if we have to. It’s a full moon.”

Graves tossed aside the brace and flung the doors open. He and Joanne (followed slowly by Quimby) gave chase as the creature disappeared around the side of the house. Marcel and Xanthos exited out the back. The zombie came around the back of the house. Marcel attempted a flying kick off the back steps but the zombie dodged. Xanthos climbed over the back railing and dropped to the ground.

The zombie put a hand inside its muddy jumpsuit and turned. It ran back the way it came. When it turned the corner it raised Ronnie’s .357 magnum revolver and took a shot at Joanne who stood between it and Dr. Graves. She dove to the side and saved herself but opened up a clear path to Graves. The zombie ran by Joanne and fired a shot at him from nearly point blank, but Graves ducked and covered. Marcel managed to catch up and deliver a solid kick and the thing was hit by several more shot from different people. The obviously heavily injured zombie was on its hands and knees near the prone Dr. Graves. Marcel was standing over the zombie with his staff. Quimby was off to the side, just leaving the front porch. Ladybird was on the porch barking. Along the side of the house Joanne was shooting from the prone with Xanthos nearby. There was a lot of yelling regarding how many times it had shot and how many bullets the revolver had.

The relentless zombie stayed on it’s hands and knees facing Graves. It fired at Marcel who was saved by his quick reflexes. It followed with a shot at Xanthos who jumped onto Joanne to save her. Then it twisted around and took a shot at Quimby who threw himself into the bushes to avoid it. This was not the zombie’s night.

Marcel broke it’s gun arm with his next swing and then crushed the back of it’s skull but the undead wouldn’t give up. The doctor rolled onto his back and shot between his legs. His last round of buckshot tore a ragged hole into the creature’s shoulder and probably annihilated half its chest cavity. Joanne managed to get a pistol shot off from under Xanthos and blasted a chunk off its right calf. Ladybird continued barking.

The zombie was an absolute wreck but it took the gun in its good hand and fired the last shot at Graves who rolled out of the way against the odds. Dropping the gun, it tried to grab Marcel’s leg but failed.

Marcel hit it three more times. The zombie crumpled to the ground after the second hit and stopped moving. It’s body was a mess. The only other creature to take so much punishment had been Rock Baby. They didn’t linger. Someone had planted the idea that maybe there wasn’t just one of these mud zombies in the area. They dragged the remains to the front of the porch where it could be watched from the house and retreated inside.

1 “mud zombie” Killed?
0 Players Killed

The rest of the night was quiet. Sometime before sunrise though the jumpsuit clad corpse disappeared from the lawn leaving just a few smears of mud and blood.


“Sometime before sunrise thought the jumpsuit clad corpse disappeared from the lawn leaving just a few smears of mud and blood.”
What?!? That’s horrifying! Dr Graves will never sleep again.


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