Dec 21, 2012

The first helicopter has engine trouble and crashes in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. The chopper goes down fast and hard at treeline in an exposed rocky area. The helicopter rolls several times before coming to a stop on its side. Everyone is jarred and Chief (who was still seriously injured), the pilot, and the co-pilot are all still. The others free themselves from their seatbelts and turn on flashlights. Joanne is severely beaten an bruised but checks on Chief who has a pulse. She tells Graves to hold his head and he does. Marcel tries to climb out and struggles. There is an odor of fuel.

Joanne and Dr Graves begin extracting Chief. Marcel manages to climb out the door, now the top of the wreck and look around. He sees nothing but abject wilderness in the moonlight. A cold wind blows. Dr. Graves and Joanne manhandle chief up through the door. As Marcel grabs him Joanne loses her grip and Chief ragdolls to the floor. She checks him again but in her addled state, does not detect his weak, thready pulse. She pronounces him dead. Dr Graves starts passing their bags up and out the door. Marcel looks around some more. Joanne checks the pilot. He is leaking a lot of blood and doesn’t have a pulse either.

Joanne checks the co-pilot who is breathing. Dr. Graves comes over to assist. This time they successfully move him up and out of the side door. Marcel lays him on the side of the overturned heli. There is more of a gasoline smell now. Graves retrieves the pilot’s and co-pilot’s bags and Marcel climbs back inside and begins rifling through the passenger compartment.

Joanne and Graves slide the unconscious man down from the wreck and lay him on a blanket put down by Marcel. They fashion a litter with two of Marcel’s spare staves while the helicopter catches on fire. Soon there is a large pyre. As they finish up with with the litter, a 2 stroke engine is heard in the distance far below them where their seems to be a lake. It is approaching.

The three of them collect their stuff including the wounded man and move several hundred feet away. They do have a GPS and road atlas but do not know their ultimate destination. The engine noise belongs to a quad that ascends to the fire. They can see two armed men on it. Joanne takes cover with her SKS and Marcel and Graves sneak closer. Marcel knees behind a tree with his Highpoint carbine and Dr Graves approaches closer still.

He calls out to the pair who were examining blood on the bare rock where they set the injured man down. They start and take up a defensive posture. There is a tense conversation. They are not hostile but they are not any help either. They claim to live below by the lake with a group and they are not willing to trade anything for a vehicle. They do provide directions into South Tahoe though and warn Graves that there are scattered survivors around so to be careful where they loot. Then they left.

The group started hiking downhill with the makeshift stretcher until hearing an approaching helicopter. They began signalling with lights and even a road flare. They started a little early but a couple of minutes later a helicopter crossed the far ridge. It made a gentle swooping turn and circled the group. Then it set down on the ground a little further downhill. A woman in a jumpsuit ran out to meet Joanne. After some discussion, the injured man was added to the heli. The rest were told to wait because the house was just over the ridge to the south. They would return in just a bit to pick them up. And that is just what happened.

The helicopter dropped them off on a two lane highway where a person was waiting for them. After they left the chopper, it took off and disappeared into the night sky. The person on the road introduced themselves as Sue McGuinness and told them to hold hands. Everyone was instantly suspicious but cautiously held hands. Then Sue led them into the woods. After a short distance they realized that they were actually on a gravel driveway standing in front of a very nice home. The altitude must be affecting their brains because they hadn’t noticed the driveway or the house.

Sue introduced them to Jennifer, her wife and their part asian son Eddy. Sue and Jennifer are retired from life in the big city. Their son built the house and the detached garage with it’s large loft apartment. After his divorce, Eddy moved in over the garage. The couple are Rosicrucians of some standing and healthy looking mountain dwellers. There are some quick introduction and room assignments then snacks and showers before bed.

Voorman tried to seduce Trevor unsuccessfully. Then he tried Milhouse but the carny didn’t even realize it. Disappointed he returned to his room in the main house.

0 Zombies Killed
1 PC Killed
1 NPC Killed
1 NPC Unconscious



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