Dec 21, 2012

With one crisis averted, things calmed down. Milhouse went off with a resident named Deb to help out with the animals. Another took the Chief to the temple to hopefully get him some Goddess healing. Dr Graves returned to studying the contents of the lock box and the others hung out in the comfort of the bunkhouse.

Close to the time of the daily procession and worship service, one of the faithful crashed through the door. She breathlessly told them that there were zombies on the property. This had not happened since December. She warned them to be quiet and lay low. By doing that maybe the zombies would pass through the property.

Joanne and Marcel put their heads together. She collected Graves and Trevor while Marcel warned Jack and Shawn to stay put and not use their guns. That started a conversation between them about where Shawn’s .22 was. Together Marcel, Joanne, Graves, and Trevor busted out of the building with their hand to hand weapons ready. Unlucky for Joanne a bug flew into her eye so she was the only person who didn’t see the group of runners and watchers shambling through the treed common area between the buildings. She stayed behind trying to remove the bug while the other three closed the distance with the undead.

The zombies rushed them and there was a clash of teeth, decaying hands, aluminum bats, swords, and staves. Reckless Trevor had run off toward the pool and was alone when the first runner attacked him. Trevor dodged but then a watcher armed with a pipe long enough to be used as a staff swung at him. Trever dodged the first attack but the followup jab to the knee drove him to the ground crippled. A hulking hunchbacked watcher with a hatchet and sharpened length of aluminum cut through the doctors leg armor and left a shallow wound on the leg. A pair of runners joined the fight swinging at Graves and Marcel.

Hearing Trevor’s scream Marcel ran over to him to help out. Back at the bunkhouse doorway Joanne cleared the bug from her eye and ran to join Graves now that he was alone. The fights went back and forth. Marcel rescued Trevor after devastating the watcher (130 pt damage high?) and finishing off the runners. Joanne was having a hell of a time. Her wild swings were coming uncomfortably close to lopping of Dr Graves’ head. The watcher put up a good fight but was worn down by the two and finally taken out by Graves.

Doctor Graves and Joanne fought through a number of runners. Well mostly the doctor took out the zombies. Marcel stayed occupied by carrying Trevor into the building. The fight had attracted one last lumbering watcher armed with a rotting arm.

It ran up but Graves deflected the swing. Joanne and Graves deflected or dodged blows from the watcher and vice versa. Then Joanne ducked when she should have weaved and the ball joint of the arm glanced off the lip of her helmet and smashed her face sending a spray onto Graves. Joanne cut the creature and Graves brought it down with his bat. That concluded the fight.

That was the only incursion and that night they were asked to help improve the perimeter privacy barrier. Marcel did some scrounging and Joanne did some jury rigging. Hopefully it will be enough to stop additional zombies from finding their way inside.

Returning to the bunkhouse, they heard voices coming from Dr Graves’ room. Fearing the worst they readied their weapons and inched toward the door. When they were huddled around the door, they could tell the words were not Sumerian. That was some relief, but then the conversation stopped. Footsteps approached the door and it opened a crack. Dr Graves peeked out.

They wanted to know what was going on inside. The doc opened the door all the way and revealed his visitor. A man sat in front of the Morturom Demonto. He closed it and stood up. “I am Christopher Voorman. The Rosicrucians sent me to find you.”

3 Watchers Killed
10 Runners Killed
1 Joanne humiliated



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