Dec 21, 2012

Building the Pyramid

Sept 13 - 14, Z-Day + 284 - 285

The captives were divided into two groups. This meant that nine of the Mexicans were shifted over to the American side. One of the Mexicans introduced himself as Wigberto Clemente Azaria. He knew a little English and used to be a police officer The Santa Muerte group/modern Aztecs worked them hard throughout the day building the cement staircase up the side of the pyramid. The work was exhausting in the heat and they were worn down. They noticed that both groups were fed from their food on the bus.

Xanthos and Dr Graves suffered immensely tethered naked to the hoods of those trucks. They were dehydrated and severely sunburned. Both were in and out of consciousness and experienced bouts of nonsense raving.

There were two instances of strangers coming near Felicity. The first time they heard motor bikes approaching from Yuma. The bikes slowed down and then could be heard retreating. The next time was a couple of hours later and from the east this time. A modified pickup was cruising down the highway but it slowed down as it approached. Everyone was made to hide but perhaps that was too late. The truck had some sort of frontal protection and a built up bed. At least two people were in the bed observing Felicity through binoculars. It wasn’t too long before the truck turned around and disappeared into the heat waves in the distance.

After the day’s work was done, Xanthos and Graves were removed from the trucks. Prisoners carried them into the pyramid shortly thereafter were joined by all the others. Once more they were stuffed tightly into the building. After some time Graves woke up and had a one sided conversation. Most people just thought he was raving again but his companions realized he was talking to Voorman.

Graves told them that Voorman was on the way and Fecalizer was hiding out in Yuma. They were the ones on the dirt bikes earlier. The Santa Muerte/Aztec group here was the same one that they were avoiding back in town.

The night passed without Voorman rescuing them.

Day two saw the completion of the platform on top of the pyramid. Like the day before, their group led by Sammy Whiskers far out performed the other although this time the Mexicans rallied toward the end. The other group was severely distraught. They did not want to “meet their fate on top of the pyramid”.

2 PCs sunburned
2 PCs with heat exhaustion



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