Dec 21, 2012

Totally 100% justified in hindsight

April 7 continued, Z-Day + 105

The three didn’t stay at the farm for long. After talking it over with the whole group they decided that their remaining food and ammo was too valuable and they would take the mission to avenge the death of the man’s son and kill the leader of a rival group of survivors. So Dr. Graves, Milhouse, and Vinny jumped back in the car and returned to the Delemorte place unlike last time though Vinny didn’t skillfully avoid a zombie pack.

Vinny didn’t just fail to avoid the zombies rushing at them from between buildings, he failed to maintain control of his fancy Lincoln Towncar and they ended up in some bushes with a stalled car. Zombies started arriving right away but met a spirited defense by Graves and Milhouse. Vinny tried and tried to get the car restarted while the other two fought hard. They almost got overwhelmed before Vinny got the car started and dislodge from the bushes. He first had to drive away with zombies hanging all over his car before returning to Graves and Milhouse to dove in the back seat. Disaster averted.

Inside Delemorte Memorial Gardens they made a quick stop at the caretaker’s cabin. Graves and Milhouse were so battered and bruised they lay in the back seat trying to recover. Vinny was the wrong person to do the talking. He started pounding on the door and demanding someone talk to him. When he was told to go away and get off the property, he grabbed a pink flamingo lawn ornament and threatened to throw it through the window. That brought a response and Jimmy D opened the door a crack but left the chain latched. Vinny pushed the door open all the way and kept up the verbal assualt but Jimmy wasn’t alone and his companions didn’t share his aversion to getting physical.

A woman in just a tee shirt flopped of the couch and scrambled over to him. She had been dead awhile and it was showing. She clubbed him in the balls while Jimmy tried to push the door shut. From the bedroom a teenage zombe in just a tee shirt entered the hallway. Vinny pulled his pistol and shot the zombie attacking his crotch but didn’t finish it off. He missed Vinny. Vinny took off for the back door while the two female zombies attacked Vinny. Vinny put them down and missed Jimmy D.

By now Dr. Graves had decided to see why it was going so badly and joined Vinny at the front door. The doctor didn’t really want to kill Jimmy but Vinny convinced him that Jimmy was an enemy for sure and there was also that fresh young girl zombie in the My Little Pony shirt. Graves annihilated her on his way to the back door. Jimmy D had just started up a quad ATV. Graves only winged him with birdshot at first but then caught him full between the shoulders and Jimmy slumped over.

The doctor backed up into the house as the newly created Jimmy Z started running. Inside, the zombie decided to attack Vinny and took him down in the kitchen. He was rescued when Graves blasted Jimmy Z with his trusty Winchester. Being worried about additional zombies showing up because of the noise, Graves quickly dragged the unconscious Vinny out to the car before giving the cabin a fast search. It was clear that Jimmy D was a necrophiliac. Ew.

Graves carried on with the mission to the Delemorte Estate and the survivors there. To make a long story short, they were very angry and he spent a lot of time spread eagle on the ground next to the car. They were accused of kidnapping the young daughter of one of the families. They figured out that Jimmy D must have kidnapped the girl earlier to add to his undead harem and the family had thought that it was them to get leverage to get inside the house. Graves and Milhouse cleared up the misunderstanding and got Graves access to the mansion’s library. He took whatever Egyptian and occult stuff that he thought might be informative and important and got the hell out of there.

17 Runners Killed
1 Sick Fuck Killed
3 Players operating beyond the limit of their endurance


FYI, I’ve added an extra roleplaying experience point to all your sheets. So Vinnie and Milhouse got 4 for the night and Dr Graves 5. I really enjoyed this session!


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