Dec 21, 2012

The runners from Walgreens and Starbucks were joined by a few from the Subway next door. There were two waves of 16 zombies total. The defenders took different positions and worked through the zombies. The most damage actually came from friendly fire. First Dr Graves got snagged by a knife and then Salim was creased by a .45 from Jollette. Good thing that neither hit was serious. During the fight two new flesh eaters rushed Dewey in a hit and run attack but he got the riot shield up and fended off slashing bony fingers. The door windows were all shot out in retaliation and the hungry dead fled back inside. After the fight most of the spray painted windows along the front of the library were broken out while Joanne gave some first aid to the wounded.

Inside the library appeared quiet and deserted but of course it was not. As they proceeded into the building some of them could hear small noises around them. The circulation desk had a naked zombie crawling underneath trying to hide. Someone took a shot but missed and the creature leaped out and slashed at the closest living thing. Salim went down with ribbons of flesh flapping off his face and neck then the zombie went down due to a gunshot wound.

Unconscious Salim was a problem. They were afraid to take him out to the car which they expected would be a death sentence for him especially considering the burnt car in the parking lot. Jollette talked Dewey out of the riot shield and he agreed to drag Salim around the library with the group. About this time they were addressed over the intercom by someone identifiying himself as Nicodemus “the Bookwyrm”. Nicodemus wanted to know who the interlopers were and why they entered his lair. He also mentioned Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters. The situation soon heated up.

The group crossed from the circulation desk and young adult section over to the rows public computers. From there a couple of them spotted movement in the dark. Graves picked out a haggard looking old woman first watching them from inside the stacks then hustling away. Meanwhile a gray claw reached out from under a row of computers but missed Dewey’s hamstring. The group moved to the stacks and then split into three. Joanne and Dewey stayed with Salim. Joanne and Trevor ran between the stacks and turned down the far wall. Dr. Graves and Milhouse ran down the center isle to try and cut off the old lady. She did pop out ahead of them and then ducked back. She had a child with her. The kid was all bundled up and she clutched it to her flabby bosom.

The group of 3 that was left behind never notice the ceiling tile slide out of the way. Naked dead with bony fingers began crawling out of the hole and traveling along the tops of the stacks. Dewey and Jollette both failed to spot anything and were attacked with surprise. The lounge singer went unconscious immediately and died the next round when she started getting eaten. The librarian lasted through the surprise round and croaked out a warning to the others before getting dragged between the stacks and getting munched on by the hungry dead.

Dr Graves turned at the noise and saw Dewey standing with a zombie on his back slashing open his stomach and chest. Jollette was nowhere to be seen. He called out to Joanne who turned around and got back right away. Only unconscious Salim was in the aisle and he was being dragged to the right between bookshelves. There was a lot of munching noises and cruel faces peered down at her and Trevor from the tops of the bookshelves.

“Such is the fate of those that come unbidden into the lair of Nicodemus!” boomed over the address system. From the back of the library an old woman cackled, “Get them my children! Eat them up, eat them up, yum!”

16 Runners Killed
1 Hungry Dead Killed
1 Players Killed




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