Dec 21, 2012

A New Set of Wheels

Sept 8, Z-Day + 259

They traveled south until the van ran out of gas. After some debate they decided to lock it up and hike down the road in search of a vehicle to hot wire or drain of fuel and return to the van that contained so much of their supplies.

Along the way they met a lone man walking north. The grizzled individual told them a little of the south including that Michael and the Army of God were more of a cult now and that south of there they should watch out for roving bands of Mexicans both civilian and army that were fleeing Mexico.

When they arrived in Pearsonville they found it well looted already but did recover a vintage English double decker bus that was being restored in a garage. Joanne put her skills to use and finished adding the cow catcher to the front bumper and chicken wire to the lower deck windows.

0 Zombies Killed
0 PCs Killed



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