Welcome to the Apocalypse

This is a zombie horror and post apocalyptic survival game set in modern times, specifically in the days following December 21, 2012. This campaign takes place in California in a fictionalized version of Tehachapi with a thin veneer of Scrying Eye Games “Mortison” to provide background drama. Unisystem is the system of choice and we’ve found it to be fast and easy to use. The game has a gritty, realistic feel and follows everyday people without any special survival skills that have been thrust into unthinkable circumstances for which they are totally unprepared. See Game Mechanics


Holy crap, were the Mayans right?

On December 21st huge earthquakes struck along major and minor California fault lines. Large population centers suffered tremendous damage and loss of life. All roads leaving LA were severed when the San Andreas Fault opened up. There are areas of serious infrastructure damage and fires are out of control. In the following days mayhem and other disasters seemed to radiate out from the initial catastrophes. It was the same around the globe. Almost immediately cities also had to deal with widespread looting and violence. There have been a lot of wild rumors coming out of the chaos – some so wild they simply can’t be true. City populations are panicking but roads are jammed and people are fleeing on foot. In California the governor has declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard. Like during Katrina police in dangerous urban areas are deserting for their own safety and to look after their families. Also like after Katrina transporting or possessing weapons outside the home illegal and police are seizing any weapons they see or that are reported. Many places have curfews in effect. People are being evacuated to outlying, less affected communities. Although the Guard has been activated to assist they have difficulty getting to disaster areas. LA is an utter lawless hell hole and the news is reporting that chaos has spread to outlying areas especially San Francisco, Bakersfield, and San Diego.

Your small mountain town of 15,000 residents had been largely unaffected. There was only minor earthquake damage and a run on food and camping supplies. The Red Cross set up an emergency shelter in the local high school football field. It is partially populated by evacuees from Bakersfield and the Greater LA area with more expected. One morning the Mayor was giving an update to a crowd of concerned citizens in a mall parking lot when the area was overrun with madness. The news is reporting that panicked evacuees rampaged through the area in a killing and looting spree. There is now widespread chaos in the community and everyone is ordered to stay at home and stop shooting in the streets. The authorities will have everything under control soon. The only news copter was knocked out of the sky by an explosion at an industrial complex that had caught on fire. The last video footage from the chopper showed it on a twisting collision course for a pawn shop.

And so it begins. . .

Dec 21, 2012

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