Segway i2


Speed: 12.5
Acceleration: 5
Range: 24 (currently has about 15 miles of charge left)

Toughness: 2
Handling: 5

DC: 75
AV: 5

  • 105 lbs, 19 in tires, 19 × 25 inch footprint
  • Handlebar Bag offers a convenient place to stow your gear
  • Comfort Mats alleviate fatigue and provide a smoother ride for longer journeys
  • Segway Reflectivity enhances your visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations
  • LED Tail Light attaches with versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence
  • LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release allows you to remove the LeanSteer frame so you can fit your PT into tight storage spaces or place it in your vehicle



Taken from the pawn shop by Dr Graves.


Segway i2

Dec 21, 2012 joe_christensen_52056