Group Gear

Shared Gear and its Location


Group Gear at Rosicrucian Park

Nothing so far

Group Gear Abandoned in Club Shinjuku

45 lbs of rice
20 bottles of water ~ 400 oz.
18 5 gal containers of water -4 gal
Medical & Toiletries
Cold & Flu medicine
Fish Antibiotics
Taurus PT92 9mm pistol w 2 mags and mag holder (no ammo)
Rock Island Armory 1911 .45 pistol with holster and 3 mags (no ammo)
Taurus model 94 revolver. 9 shot .22 with 35 rounds of ammo
hatchet, crowbar, axe, and shovel
1 folding knife, 1 hunting knife
qt? bottle of bleach
20 solar powered garden lights
** towels and bedding left in the Trooper on the hillside
** 3 winter blankets left in the Trooper on the hillside
** 1 rain poncho left in the Trooper on the hillside

Emergency Cache

Buried in garbage bags up the hill west of the ostrich ranch about 2 miles away in a N-S ravine west of Cayley road. The reserve vehicle is in the same general area but not next to the buried cache.

  • SLK moved a little ways away, siphoned, and abandoned.

Everything else taken to San Jose.

In Xanthos Possession

  • (Silverado with chicken wire windows (1/4 gas tank) borrowed by Xanthos for his exploration mission)
    • 1 roll duct tape
    • paring knife
    • 3 winter blankets
    • 1 rain poncho

Abandoned Stuff

  • Black Lincoln Towncar (Vinny) slightly shot up and missing some glass. Currently hidden in some bushes below the road up to KZED. Trevor ditched the keys on the highway to San Jose after the dam fight.
  • SLK moved a little ways away from emergency cache, siphoned, and abandoned.

Group Gear still at the Ostrich Ranch


  • 300C (3/4 tank) Windows protected by chickenwire. Used to block the main gate to the ranch.
  • Segway (Graves) with a full charge
  • Scooter (nearly empty gas tank)
  • Gremlin (Xanthos) with chicken wire windows (nearly empty gas tank)
    • Yugo SKS + 100 rds of 7.62×39mm
    • S&W 442 Airweight .38 spl revolver. 5 shot with 30 rds
    • 1 roll duct tape
  • RV with chicken wire windows (nearly empty gas tank)



Ranch supplies

  • chicken wire
  • bailing wire
  • screws and nails
  • hinges, door/gate locks
  • extension cords
  • heat lamps
  • sand
  • rebar
  • winch, block & tackle
  • lumber
  • light nylon rope and steel cable
  • chain
  • feed
  • hand and foot warmers
  • car repair supplies
  • a few batteries left
  • portable gasoline generator
  • firewood & fire starter logs
  • hacksaw & wood saw

I’ve combined all the various sources of group/extra/unclaimed stuff here. I’ve also updated (thru rosi egyptian museum) the food you have left.

Group Gear

Dec 21, 2012 Arkadie