Dec 21, 2012

The Delemort Estate Payback

January 11, Z-Day + 19

A full team deployed in two vehicles to raid the Delemorte mansion. Yentle and Mayor Quimby took the police car while Alex, Red, and Marcel took the van. The mission was to capture James Delemorte. The plan was for the police car to drive up to the front of the house with the lights going and give a whoop on the siren. The others were to sneak in and to do a “Bagdad extraction”of Delemorte if it was necessary.

The plan worked brilliantly. The mayor got on the intercom and demanded Delemorte present himself. He didn’t but zeds began streaming out of the building. The car slowly rolled away leading the zombies down the driveway. The “A” team began sneaking around the house. It didn’t start too well with Alex being seen right away but those two zombies were quickly and quietly dispatched. Alex, Marcel, and Red crept around the outside of the house checking the windows. They saw a few zombies but not Delemorte. On the back patio Marcel was jumped by two zombies but again they were put down quickly. They rounded the dark funeral home and made it to the front porch. When they heard footsteps and the front door opening they decided to quickly go in through a broken window.

The formal dining room was empty but Alex fell coming through the window and the sound attracted a muscular and nearly naked zombie. It pushed open the door, surveyed the scene and gave a deep “Huuh!” before picking up a chair. Alex and Red swung their weapons but the zombie easily batted them away with the chair. Marcel charged up though and critically smashed the creature and dropped it to the floor. Two more zombies that had heard the noise entered and were quickly killed in the doorway. The three began moving through the mansion encountering just a few random zombies until climbing the wide stairs to the second floor.

At the top another very strong zombie was waiting for them. They only saw a hulking dark figure. It was another muscular zombie wrapped in little else beside chains holding a flailing zombie torso. As the trio came into view the large zombie threw the half zombie at Marcel but missed badly. The torso sailed overhead and crashed down the stairs. Two more zombies below came into view running for the stairs. The team ran up and landed some hits but not enough to take it down. The zombie, another watcher, pulled the chain from it’s body and cruelly whipped Marcel before they beat it to the ground. They entered the master bedroom and closed the double doors but the two zombies running up the stairs busted the doors easily. Alex ran for the king sized bed with the large lump in it while Red and Marcel made short work of the now four zombies coming through the door. Alex’s light revealed the rotting corpse of a 50 something woman brutally beaten. He wasn’t sure what to make of it and neither the bathroom or walk in closet had anything of interest.

Back in the hallway they made their way to the other side of the house. There were three closed doors and the first they tried was locked. They also heard some snoring. They forced their way inside and James Delemorte didnt’t wake up until after Marcel snatched his pistol from the nightstand and Alex pepper sprayed his face. Then they roughly hustled him out, killing the half zombie that finally climbed up the stairs, along the way. There were another couple zombies at the bottom of the stairs but no real resistance. Delemorte’s feeble struggles were no hindrance. They ran to the van and smoothly dispatched another 4 zombies. The whole team make it back to base safely.

16.5 Runners Killed
2 Watchers Killed
0 Players Killed



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