Dec 21, 2012

The next day Graves, Quimby, Marcel, and Joanne hopped in the car and drove to the radio station. Dr. Graves recognized A-Money from Marcel’s description of the cowardly guy in Esperanza’s story. He told them how A-Money had stolen their supply filled minivan at the beginning of the trouble and wanted to confront Andy. Joanne also had a unspecified grudge against him. They avoided encounters until the final approach. They were surprised to find the road up the mountain blocked off near the bottom by a truck and several armed men, and Dr Graves noticed a couple more in the woods above and along side them. They tried to bluff past by claiming to be there to pick up Esperanza but the road guards called that in and discovered it to be false. The group returned to Indian Point before the situation escalated. After all they had ostriches to feed and shit to shovel.

That night Ronnie, Buttermilk, and Dr Graves visited the prison for the “job”. Ronnie talked the other two into helping him make those troublesome inmates disappear. They were not comfortable with it but ultimately went along. Pavel drove the truck to the pit and questioned whether they were up to the task. After all there were only 3 of them and it was supposed to be quick and relatively quiet. Ronnie said they were but as the inmates unloaded corpses from the truck into the trench it was clear that there was no plan to accomplish the task. The 8 inmates were chained together in two groups of four. One group was in the trench and the other group was moving the bodies from the truck to the edge of the trench bucket brigade style. Graves, Ronnie, and Butters were still whispering frantically as the truck bed emptied out. Ronnie went back into the cab of the truck hoping to start it up and back up over the prisoners, but Pavel was like “Get the fuck out of here. If you don’t have the stomach for it you shouldn’t have accepted the job”. Johnny Buttermilk thought it was just too much to start clubbing them to death. And there was the question of whether this was even right. They collectively decided that the inmates were probably all rapists and pedophiles on top of being troublemakers so they deserved what they got. Dr. Graves raised his shotgun and blasted one of the inmates in the back while he struggled to drag a corpse. This began a 20-30 second debacle during which 31 shots were fired from a shotgun, .357 magnum, and two 9mms to take out the prisoners and resulting zombies. The terrified, starved inmates tried their best to dodge and plead and run away but it wasn’t really possible considering they were chained together. Nearing the end of the one sided fight Butters was dragged into the pit by some zombie inmates but he survived without too many bruises. The last prisoner alive futilely tugged on the chain and begged for his life pleading that he didn’t deserve this for growing 5 pot plants in his house. There was no mercy shown.

Pavel seemed pissed off by how that went down and doubly so when they refused to retrieve the shackles from the gore stained bodies in the pit. Finally he went out to retrieve them and Ronnie argued that someone should go out there and gun him down too. That was debated but they decided not too. The drive back to the prison was quiet.

8 Inmates Murdered
8 Runners Killed
0 Runner Wounded
0 Players Killed

That evening Bill and Martha the owners of the ranch shared some news they heard on the radio while everyone else was going about their daily ranch chores. In a daring midnight raid Michael freed the remaining “gladiators” held captive at the park. Several gang members were killed in the action. In the “Rapping with the Rev” segment Michael gave an interview with Reverend Jeremiah Thompson and elaborated on the details. When the Rev asked him what made him decide to become a hero of the people, Michael answered that is was his destiny. The Archangel Gabriel had come to him in a dream months before the dead rose and told him that he was destined to be a great leader in the fight against evil. At the time he didn’t know what that meant. Reverend Thompson was both surprised and excited because he too felt that the Almighty would not leave his people in suffering. The Rev thanked God for leading him to Michael in these dark days and declared that he could feel that Michael was destined for something more than running a small town gun store.



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