Dec 21, 2012

Farewell to the Kawaiisu, Buddhists, and Rock Baby.  After packing up and taking out a couple of mouth bleeders running up the drive (the mouth bleeders appeared to be regular zombies after the death of Rock Baby), Alex, Marcel, Joanne, and Jeffrey were dropped off at the Ford Taurus they had wisely left as a backup car.  Both groups continued down to the community center to use the radio to contact the National Guard post and Gaiten Academy.  From there the remaining Native Americans drove further up Sand Canyon to search for survivors while the promising heroes rolled down canyon to the wrecked California Ghost Investigations van.  They transferred equipment and after a short search found the Saiga shotgun and air rifle where they had been flung by the watcher.  That seemed like so long ago but it had only been a few days.

They returned to the small Guard post to find it almost deserted and surrounded by newly “dead” zombies.  Almost all the survivors had been moved to the Supermax prison to the southwest where it was deemed safer.  Supplies are very low though and the starving prisoners are kept on permanent lockdown to prevent rioting.  The Mayor and remaining police are joining with the prison guards to restore some semblance of normal life.  

One interesting nugget of information gleaned from the Captain was that a huge zombie had been spotted in a rundown strip of stores to the west of town.  Jeffrey recognized the strip as containing a game store, Scrying Eye Games.  The four decided to investigate and took Marcel’s police car after some quick modifications by Joanne.  They weren’t harassed on the way there and saw the normal post apocalyptic zombie and survivor activity.  A zombie exited the store as they arrived and was quickly dealt with.  All the stores were dark but some light could be seen from a back room in the game store.  They decided to leave shotgun happy Alex guarding the getaway car and go around back.  Joanne picked the lock on the vacant store next door.  Marcel found a dirty 5 gallon bucket inside.  Exiting through the back they were surprised to see three motorcycles parked behind Wongs Way Nail Salon.  They decided to investigate that first.

Three biker zombies rushed out of the back door.  It was a brief fight and the zombies were put down and the dumpster moved in front of the door.  A quick search revealed some knives and a small revolver on the bodies.  The zombies looked sickly.  Resolving to return, they turned to the back of the game store and picked that lock too.  Joanne was flushed with success.

The door opened to a short, narrow hallway.  To the left was an open door to what Jeffrey described as the gaming room.  To the right was the thin door to a cramped restroom.  Ahead was the dark store with aisles of merchandise on the left and the sales counter ahead.  Three zombie ran down the main aisle and Marcel charged to engage.  Jeffrey, nee, Lord Xanthos rushed in babbling about a weapon of great power behind the counter.  Joanne followed.  Both could see a morbidly obese zombie at a table in the room to the left.  On the table was a grid and what looked like a lot of nazi zombie miniatures.   Jeffery recognized the bulky zombie as his gaming nemesis, Flynn, who had recently beaten him at a game of Axis & Allies.  

Marcel refused to throw Xanthos the collector’s edition light saber from behind the counter so the gamemaster has to abandon Joanne temporarily as Flynn ponderously rose to his feet and picked up a very real looking bat’leth. Xanthos shouted some fake Klingon at him and the battle of Star Trek vs Star Wars began.  Joanne wisely stayed out of range and began shooting her Glock into the fray.  Outside the room Marcel was slowly working through the three zombies attacking him.  

Steel rang on shield as Xanthos deftly, some would say luckily, parried attacks.  Feeling totally “gipped” when the light saber did not start slicing up his opponent, he dropped it in favor of his razor sharp gum.  Flynn parried every thrust and cut.  Meanwhile Joanne was only scoring minor flesh wounds on the fat creature.  

As the last retail zombie was being put down, Flynn rushed Xanthos and gripped him in a putrid hug with one fat arm.  Xanthos couldn’t pull away and had become something of a human shield.  Joanne didn’t let that stop her from taking a dangerous “hostage shot” and putting a round into the zombie’s head.  It toppled over backwards and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  

Curiously the obese zombie seemed to be in the beginning stages of decomposition.

11 Runners Killed
0 Runner Wounded
0 Players Killed



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