Dec 21, 2012

The next morning at the National Guard post (the newly sober) Dr Graves, Marcel, Joanne, and Jeffrey accompanied Salim, Johnny Buttermilk, Ronnie,  and the little girl Hannah to the Super Max prison where most of the people have relocated. Along the way Salim was sure he saw his taxi next to an open field.  The driver was zombified, another zombie had its foot pinned under a wheel, and a third zombie was peering over the trunk at them.  Salim hit the brakes and recklessly skidded to a halt near the taxi.  In the police car the others didn’t know why he stopped and they came to a rest.  Salim, Johnny, and Ronnie leapt from the car and attacked the 3 zombies around the taxi but were not doing very well.  The others got tired of waiting and ran over to finish the fight.  Salim was very happy to be so lucky and find his taxi.  All three vehicles continued to the prison and were waved through the checkpoint a little further down the road.

California Correctional Institution (CCI) is a state prison located in Cummings Valley, west of the city of Tehachapi in southern California. It is a supermax. Its overall mission is “to incarcerate and control felons, while providing the opportunity for meaningful work, training and other programs. The prison provides programs for those inmates who are willing to work and participate fully in available programs.”

CCI has 1,650 acres including Level I (“Open dormitories with a secure perimeter”) housing; Level II (“Open dormitories with secure perimeter fences and armed coverage”) housing; Level IV (“Cells, fenced or walled perimeters, electronic security, more staff and armed officers both inside and outside the installation”) housing; a Security Housing Unit (SHU, which is “the most secure area within a Level IV prison designed to provide maximum coverage”); and a Reception Center (RC) which “provides short term housing to process, classify and evaluate incoming inmates.”As of March 2012, the facility’s total population was 4,753, or 170.8 percent of its design capacity of 2,783.

The prison and surrounding Cumming Valley are estimated to have taken in a couple thousand refugees. Since the prison itself was already overcroweded space inside the wall is limited. Inmates in the Reception Center were moved to other facilities and the RC is used for survivors. Other survivors camp in their cars or tents inside the secure perimeter. And others have disperses into the valley. The inmates have been on lockdown for almost two months and are reportedly given barely enough food and water to survive.

After registering at Reception, all eight signed up for the fighting league competition on Sunday. As it was Monday they had time to rest and heal and prepare for the foam weapon and mixed martial art tournament. Life at CCI was cramped and dreary. Although people tried to establish a normal routine it was just too uncomfortable and everything was strictly rationed to be enjoyable. When fight day came it was a relief.

There were two brackets: weapon and hand to hand. Foam weapons and padded gloves would be used with a simple scoring system. A hit on a limb took it out of play. A hit to the torso or head was a kill. The fights were single elimination and the winner of each bracket would square off again one another. When the fighting began Johnny “Buttermilk” Burton surprised everyone by almost making it to the semifinals. Marcel beat him but was then taken out by Joanne who won the weapon bracket with her dual foam machetes. Marcel met her a second time when he surprisingly won the hand to hand bracket. Then Joanne and Marcel faced off with Joanne easily beating the unarmed cajun.

3 Runners Killed
0 Runner Wounded
0 Players Killed

Meanwhile, Killface and the Pythons rolled in force to the NG post and called out Sheriff Anderson. The sheriff answered the challenge and was gunned down in the parking lot. The Pythons briefly went crazy in celebration before guards opened up on them. Pythons returned fire and sped away. Some are believed to have suffered gunshot wounds.

If you’ve seen those Mad Max vehicles around town stay out of their way. The Pythons have moved into Santini Motor Sports and are turning out some crazy vehicles. It would be good news for humanity but they are just as likely to prey on survivors as they are to eliminate zeds. Pythons, I know you are listening. We can’t be fighting each other. You’re hurting humanity’s long term chances for your own short term gain.

Scavengers are reporting that insects, rats, and other vermin have eaten or destroyed that hasn’t already been scavenged. Only canned goods, MREs and well-stored dry goods are still edible but difficult to find.



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