Dec 21, 2012

Luke moved across the trash strewn lobby to hide with the others. He quickly found common ground with the hustler who also hated someone called A-Money.  The pool player introduced himself as Johnny “Buttermilk” Burton.  The bonding was interrupted when a very strong looking zombie lumbered into the lobby.  Luke hastily withdrew but was replaced from the shadows by a Lebanese cabbie named Salim “Louie” Labaky. The three of them ganged up on the intruding zombie and with the help of the chainsaw took it down while avoiding its clumsy swings.  Good thing too because it looked brutal.  The fight attracted another zombie with others sure to be following. This initiated a running fight through the dark office. Luke was scared stiff by a hunched zombie jerkily approach. Johnny proved to be very good at spearing zombies with his pool cue and Louie could be counted on to get some weak hits in with his tire thumper. Terrence turned off the chainsaw but still swung it.

The group split as two left through the side door with a zombie riding Johnny’s back and trying to bite through his leather jacket, and the other two sliding out a back window. There was a narrow alley around the building and more zombies visible surrounding the area. They decided to take refuge in a nondescript brick building that had a car sticking out of it. Terrance jumped up on the trunk and Luke tried to climb up the driver side door to reach the roof but was grabbed by an unseen dead motorist. Buttermilk poked a child zombie back into a garbage skip and continued to stave off attacks from the zed on his back. Louie darted through the hole in the wall. The fight was a stalemate and Luke had his junk bitten but all four made it inside the dark building and Buttermilk finally killed the zombie riding him.

They were alone inside but it was only temporary safety. They could hear more zombies approaching quickly. They moved fast through what was some sort of dirty maintenance building to the roof. By then they were being chased up the stairs and put down the fast little kid zombie before jumping back across to the roof of the first building. Each of them ran to the edge of the building checking out the zombie situation and looking for a fire escape. This roof had no way down.

Suddenly Terrence was shot in the leg and went down. Everyone hit the deck. About then two of the zombies giving chase jumped onto the roof but one of them was shot and killed by the mystery sniper. Believing, incorrectly, that the shooter had simply mistaken them for zombies they stood up and jumped back to the maintenance building. Terrence took another grazing shot in his other leg while the remaining zombie attacked Salim near the rooftop door. Terrence, Luke, and Johnny stood up so they could go help Salim and again Terrence was shot. This time he was killed instantly and zombified. Everyone tried to take shelter behind the rooftop door and retreat down the stairs. The first zombie went down quickly but battling Terrence was a struggle down the stairs. The three made it down to the ground floor and could see zombie silhouettes running past the windows and sounds from the brick pile at the hole in the wall. They reluctantly opened the basement door and descended into the darkness by cell phone and pda-light. The door closed shut behind them and feet could be heard running through the building. They started down the stairs when Luke succumbed to his injuries and exertion and collapsed. Then there was some movement below. Out of the darkness a shiny chrome pistol pointed at them. It’s mustachioed operator had been safely hiding out in the basement until they arrived.

9 Runners Killed
0 Runner Wounded
1 Player Killed (Terrence)



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