Dec 21, 2012

Maggies Market

December 25, Z-Day+2

It’s Christmas but nobody is celebrating. The folks at Gaiten politely show non-students, non-faculty, non-employees to the door. They have told you about places to look for supplies though and the decision is made to head to Maggies Market. The group is joined by Jordan the Crazed Teen and Krusty the Alcoholic Party Clown. There were only a couple zombies inside but a crazy butcher slices up the clown and Benedict before being brought down. Then Maggies Market was secure. The loot included food and drink, butchers knives, a Prius and a Chrysler Town & Country Limited mini van.  Both vehicles were used to block the doors. The group uses the office computer and radio to get some news. They found out that zombie troubles are being called a global pandemic although the CDC website states they haven’t found a viral or bacterial cause yet and that anyone who dies from any cause becomes a zombie.

Meanwhile a massive horde of the dead besieges KZED Radio. In a fight for their lives, the KZED Folk call for help and no one comes to their aid. Gaiten Academy sends their regret at not being able to help and the small National Guard Post, licking its wounds from the another horde, answers that they can spare no one either. In the end KZED reports prevailing over the zombie assault and warns that zombies can climb fences.



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