Dec 21, 2012

Gaiten Academy

December 24, Z-Day+1

Andy, Benedict, and Chandy got a ride through Golden Hills from a neighbor (seeing the zombified VP along the way) and picked up Dr. Alex Graves, an archaeologist, on the way into town. Alex tells them about Gaiten Academy and the driver decides to drop them all off there so he can get back to family and friends. A huge traffic jam around the local sheriff’s station is avoided and shortly they are dropped off near the entrance gate of the school. There are several vehicles already waiting but the people inside won’t open the gate because there are some zombies at the gate attacking cars and drivers. The four survivors run to the gate as additional zombies arrive. It becomes a mini epic because of the wrought iron gate in the arch and the 10ft high.stone walls. They barely survive. Andy, aka A-Money, shits himself in terror when he is nearly bitten to death trying to get over the wall. Eventually the safety of Gaiten Academy was achieved thanks to Dr. Grave’s tactical acumen and the presence of the old Winchester shotgun. Okay mostly it was the shotgun and a lever action 30-30 in the hands of a parent inside the gate.

11 Runners Killed
0 Player Killed

Meanwhile the firestorms in eastern Tehachapi rage out of control. The smoke and fire is carried east away from the city however. Most people try to stay in during this time, besieged by increasing numbers of zombies.

DJ Grant Jazzy and the crew at KZED Radio broadcast messages of survival and hope to anyone who can hear them. Only a few zombies have made it there so the KZED folks spend the days scavenging and fortifying their position at the station.

Capt. Greg Niccotero spends the day organizing the survivors into work details, fortifying defenses and using his radio to attempt communications with anyone local or distant. At day’s end, he takes reports from his department heads: the quartermaster, chief medical officer, chief of Zed defense, head of the research group, chief of communications and the survivors’ representative.

The sounds of motorcycles and gunfire from Phillip’s Quality Auto Repair draw massive numbers of undead. Those trapped inside are besieged and fighting for their lives. DJ Grant Jazzy advises people to stay away from the horde.

Sheriff Anderson uses CB Channel 9 to call for help to give support to the small National Guard post so it doesn’t fall to the hoards. Several brave supporters from the KZED Folk lend aid, but ultimately lure the horde back to the radio station.



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