Dec 21, 2012

December 23, Z-Day



Z-Day worldwide was Dec 21st, just like the Mayan calendar predicted. In Tehachapi Z-Day didn’t truly arrive until two days later. The campaign starts in the morning of the 23rd with numerous survivors leaving their vehicles due to stopped traffic on Hwy 58 and walking into Golden Hills. During the march, four individuals begin walking together: Andy and Benedict are two volunteer aid workers, Chandy Jiggles is a porn star from Los Angeles with a tire iron from her car, and Rob, a level headed VP is an out of place businessman. It is a long walk beyond the fault line that sheared the highway into town and along the way they have their first contact with what they later determine to be zombies. The four zombies put up a short fight and one almost kills the VP in a brutal wrestling match. The survivors make it to and through Golden Hills but while crossing a ravine on the way to Tehachapi they spot several more zombies. As they flee, the VP collapses in exhaustion and Chandy isn’t able to carry him to safety. She unsuccessfully hides him in some scrub oak. The three remaining survivors find refuge and an old Winchester shotgun at a kindly old lady’s house.

4 Runners Killed
1 Player Killed



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